We Actively Look For Problems and Solutions
We differentiate our service by not only providing timely processing, but we review each payment made and received, looking for under-payment of claims, over-payment of expenses, and suspicious transactions. When we spot something that does not seem right, we alert our client and offer to advocate for a correction or adjustment. The intelligent review and initial request for correction is included in our fee.

GLENN SHAPIRO is an attorney admitted to practice in New York who earned his law degree and MBA in Finance from New York University. He was awarded the prestigious NY State Bar Association President's Pro Bono award for his caregiving services provided to elderly and underserved clients of the Legal Services of the Hudson Valley. He serves as Treasurer to two non-profit organizations. Glenn and his support team stand ready to help you achieve greater financial peace of mind through their fiscal caregiving services.
  What People Are Saying:
  "For the past several years Glenn Shapiro has served as financial advisor to the Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute. His mature insights and thoughtful financial advice have been key factors in promoting the success of the Institute."
Harold P. Freeman, MD
Founder and President

  "As our treasurer, Glenn has proven to be a financial savior for this organization, far exceeding our expectations. He consistently manages to a balanced budget, while allowing for necessary capital improvements and unbudgeted expenditures. And he knows how to source and purchase effectively at very favorable prices."
Edwin Picker
County Tennis Club of Westchester

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